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Custom Eclipse Window Title

6. November 2012

I used Eclipse for a long time. Now I have to manage multiple running instances – mostly for the development branch and the production branch of our project. The problem is distinguishing the running instances by their task icon/window title. I search a little bit and found how to customize the branding or the -showlocation startup parameter. But after looking at the Eclipse preferences I found a very nice way: General | Workspace | Workspace name


This results in a nice and short solution to this problem – in the task bar


and in the Eclipse title bar



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19. Oktober 2009

Microsoft has announced two analysis tools for security wholes: BinScope Binary Analyzer and MiniFuzz File Fizzer. The first one checks for forgotten security flags and the second checks against flow patten.

There is a nice paper about risks in cloud computing:

  • Stalking in Amazon’s EC2
  • Sidechannel Attacks
  • Data Leakage through CPU Caches

If you are in N.Y. or Toronto and interesting in modeling, the Eclipse Modeling Days could be interesting for you.

German: event series about server virtualization.
Thu, 12.11.2009, Pullmann Hotel Köln
Wed, 18.11.2009, Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg
Thu, 26.11.2009, Novotel München Messe

Galileo publishes the „Linux Handbuch“ as free available OpenBook.

German: Microsoft publishes the eBook „Windows 7 – Auf einen Blick“ for free (since 31.10.2009). A free chapter is directly available, for the whole book you have to register.

I found an overview article …

28. Dezember 2008

On JavaWorld John Ferguson Smart wrote a nice article about some of the most interesting Java evolutions in 2008. He discovers tools for Build automatisation (Hudson, Bamboo, Maven, Ant, Grant, Gradle, Subversion), Testing tools (JBehave, easyb, Selenium, WebTest) and IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans). Conclusion: a very nice read.

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16. Oktober 2008

According to this German article (relies on an article by ComputerWorld Australia)Australia plans to filter all internet traffic in AUS. There are two blacklists: one for illegal content (which should be blocked) and one for content for adults.

Trustin Lee has released Ant2IDE. Basically this is a BuildListener that collects (almost) all data required for generating Eclipse settings.

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17. September 2008

2014: Maven on Mars. Do the Apache Maven team know that? 😉 Ok, here Maven stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution.

10 nice tips about using JavaScript (esp. jQuery) for improving website usability.

On September 30, 2008 starts a (free?) webinar about writing Eclipse RCP applications.

Google Summer of Code 2008

4. April 2008

Cool – some years ago I got the idea that refactoring support for Ant buildfiles would be nice and opened a feature request on Eclipse. Now (three years later) this (maybe) could be done in a GSoC project because now it is proposed by the Eclipse team.

Eclipse Spaces

11. März 2008

Henrik Lindberg writes in his blog about Eclipse Spaces, which provides the ability to publish the current workspace as update site. With that you could easily provide tutorials or blogs. Sounds very interesting … I dont know if required plugins would also be published. So you could e.g. create an
XText editor and publish that example. But with all happiness of easily publishing – don’t forget to think about the licenses of the parts you publish …

IT-News 2007.10.10

10. Oktober 2007

PHP-Videotutorials for Webdesigners

(English) Article: Concurrency Testing in Java Applications

Create Web services in two clicks thanks to Apache CXF and AOP
This sounds really cool – enhancing existing classes with webservice capability by using AOP. But I could also think about another aproach: deploy a POJO into a container and just describe which methods should be opened … mmh, sounds like Java6 with the information of the annotions in an extra file … But I think document centric development would be better because of interoperability with other languages.

Eclipse ETranslator
Nice – a plugin which translates I18N resource files into other languages … but you (or better a native speaker) should check the results – I dont trust automatic translations …