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Extend Windows-Search in Windows 7

13. August 2010

I wanted to search for a string in Java properties files. I knew that there was one entry – somewhere deep in the codebase … But the search from Win7 didnt find it.

Sounds familiar? So read further …

I remembered that the search works only on particular files (doc, ppt …) and my properties files are not in that list. 😦
So I wanted to tune the search:

Open the system configuration via the start menu and type „search“ into the search field. You should find the „index options“ somewhere.

Press the „Advanced“ button (translated from the German „Erweitert“) and swith to the second „file types“ tab.

Here you can add additional file types by their suffix and specify their index option (only file information, file content).

Reindexing needs time …. but I hope after this I will be able to find my file 😉


Links for 2009-08-21

21. August 2009

With Blende 8 Galileo Deisgn presents a video podcast about fotographing. New episodes will be available all 14 days.

VMWare provides several free information events about vSphere 4 in Germany, Austria an Switzerland from 26.August till 29.October.

Galileo Computing created a video training about VMWare vSphere4 – 83 lessons and 10 hours.

I also found a blog about a question someone was interested in too: Why is that action not available?

According to that roadmap MS Windows 8 is intended for 2012 with cluster support, one-way-replication, inproved file handling …

Denoise My Image is a free tool for improving the picture quality.

My favorit: Launchy is a free small app for starting programs, documents, urls … with just a jew keystroke.

Oracle provides free ebooks about SOA (after a registration). Content is

  • Grid Enabled Architecture: Move to Modern Service Oriented, Grid Enabled Architecture
  • Business Process Management: Achieve Business Flexibility through Oracle BPM
  • Business Activity Monitoring: Stay Agile Responding to Changes in Real-time
  • Data Integration: Integrate Data at High Performance and with High Productivity
  • Application Integration Architecture: Accelerate Application Integrations
  • History: Service-Oriented Architecture Milestones
  • Case Studies: Comprehensive, Preintegrated, Hot-Pluggable Middleware

On 24./25.November there is the ix-Day – this time about Cobol. CfP ends on 28.September.

A nice toy (maybe a tool also). Draganfly is a quadcopter which transports and controlls a photocamera or videocamera. So you can take your own pictures from the air.

The VCC team at is pleased to announce our first bleeding edge pre-alpha release of the Virtual Computer Control API (version 0.0.3) and associated implementations (version 0.0.3) and plugins (version 0.0.1). The Virtual Computer Control API is designed to be a virtualization platform agnostic API for controlling (Ant, Maven, Hudson) virtual computers (VMWare ESX, VMWare Workstation, Xen, KVM, QUEMU, libvirt, VirtualBox, AmazonEC2, xVM): list, start, suspend, stop and pause a virtual computer, take a snapshot or revert to a snapshot, clone a virtual computer, query their network settings.

There is a free ebook how to install Windows 7.

RMBench Relational Modeller is designed to be a one-stop Eclipse-integrated solution for grapically modelling relational databases. But sadly there arent any screenshots online. So you have to compile and install it for yourself.

JSR-294 Jigsaw & OSGi – maybe somewhere in the middle? Peter Kriens, BJ Hargrave and Richard Hall suggested a new approach for the moludarization in Java – not as complex as OSGi and Jigsaw, but compliant to the OSGi specs.

Microsoft Research publishes Code Contracts. Speaking with Java terms (sorry I dont write .NET code) the basic concept is a validator class which takes several closures. Then you could validate your object/parameters:

static private int TraditionalValidation(int Input1, string Input2, List Input3)
Contract.Requires(0 <= Input1 && Input1 <= 100); Contract.Requires(Input2.Length > 5);
Contract.Ensures(Contract.Result() >= 0);


When I read that two things poped up in my mind: the Notification Pattern and the validator for Ant tasks.

PHPUnit 3.4 is a stop before release.

Cloudera announces Hadoop World: NYC 2009.

IT-News 2008.03.11

11. März 2008

English announcement on OSnews: PCMag should have compared different OSes for Intel processors.