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Links for 2009-11-13

13. November 2009

Today I found two tools for testing: Byteman and YouDebug.

While I haven’t have a deeper look at Byteman I realized that YouDebug is writte by Kohsuke Kawaguchi. And it is very funny to recognizing him after Args4J and Hudson with another project. The world is small and you’ll see another every twice … or more 😉


Long time ago …

19. Juni 2008

My last commit to Args4J was long time ago. But I was happy, that my environment works – and also my knowledge about the project itself 😉 And the pause was fine because I startet a new try to implement the setting of Map-entries …. with success. Now you can have a bean with

@Option(name="-map") java.util.Map map;

and set the values from command line via

java MyApp -map key1=value1 -map key2=value2