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Links for 2008-09-25

25. September 2008

(German announcement) JSR 311 „JAX-RS Java-API für RESTful Web Services“ is approved. Implementations are Jersey, Restlet-Framework, JBoss RESTEasy and Apache CXF.

CreateOrDie has found a very nice cup for photographs.

Links 2008.09.16

16. September 2008

On DatabaseJournal Sean Hull shows how to use PHP with Oracle instead of LAMP.

Links for 2009.09.02

2. September 2008

The German announcement of the site : there is a new „Milchwanderweg“ where you can walk around several farms and can learn something about milk. From cow to cheese 😉

The German blog Create or die has the information that Photoshop Convention would held some free webinars about PS.

The Worldname-Project will show the spreading of a name. announced a Visual Studio Plugin for detecting code dublicates: Clone Detective by Codeplex.

Microsoft Photosynth creates 3D models from several 2D photos. There are plugins for IE and Firefox on Windows. The service is after a registration.

Sven has published his slides about xText for the Profict Summer Camp 2008. Very nice – and very funny background images 😉