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7. August 2008

The Software Engeneering Radio had published some new episodes:

  • Plugin Architectures: very nice discussion about plugin’s from a different point as the interviewee Klaus Marquardt said not having Eclipse plugin know how. He tells about plugin, architecture and concepts and as an Eclipse user you most of the time think yeah, sound familiar or oh, another view on that …
  • Andreas Zeller on Debugging: ok, I am a developer – I know all about debugging …. FALSE! Have you ever heard about Delta Debugging? I think this is (another) listen-worth episode.

Nice blogs …

7. August 2008

In Zviki Cohen blog „Gracefully Loading a Heavy Plugin“ he writes how to detect if Eclipse is already started or just in the progress of starting. He checks several possibility and comes to a nice conclusion.

David Carver blogs in Continuous Integration Anti-Patterns about things you should not do in Continous Integration. Especially I suggest the links there to  Automation for the people:Continuous Integration anti-patterns, Continuous Integration anti-patterns, Part 2 and Avoiding Build Breakage Patterns In Continuous Integration.