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Musical production has finished

30. Januar 2010

Some years ago a friend of mine – Richard – has written a musical (with his cousin). I joined with my trumpet and wrote the brass parts. Then sadly the project stopped …

But Richard has restarted the project and could produce the musical on CD (without brass 😦 ). But a demo is on youtube:


Concerts of my ensemble

25. November 2009

My brass tentett Niederrhein Brass gives its yearly christmas concerts on GoogleMaps: concert location and GoogleMaps: concert location – both at 17:00 (5pm). If you are interested in – you are welcome. Entry is free of charge (but a donation at the end is welcome 😉

nrb_flyer_weihnacht_s1 nrb_flyer_weihnacht_s2

We are famous …

20. Juni 2008

Very funny. I created a Google Alert with some criterias so that I would get a message if there is something new about my ensemble Niederrhein Brass. I was very surprised that we were refered by Wikipedia.