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Getting the Samsung CLX 2160 MFC work under Windows 7

4. November 2009

My laser printer Samsung CLX 2160 worked very fine under Vista. But now I have upgraded to Win7Ultimate and it does not any more. Ok – new OS, new search for drivers …

I found a new driver on the Samsung page. But after installing I even couldnt print. The OS silently ignored print jobs. I tried to check the settings, but I always get the error message


Then I got an idea: maybe the (default) access rules are too restrictive. So I tried to widen them (Everybody: configure the printer, configure the documents)


And now it works 😉


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19. Oktober 2009

Microsoft has announced two analysis tools for security wholes: BinScope Binary Analyzer and MiniFuzz File Fizzer. The first one checks for forgotten security flags and the second checks against flow patten.

There is a nice paper about risks in cloud computing:

  • Stalking in Amazon’s EC2
  • Sidechannel Attacks
  • Data Leakage through CPU Caches

If you are in N.Y. or Toronto and interesting in modeling, the Eclipse Modeling Days could be interesting for you.

German: event series about server virtualization.
Thu, 12.11.2009, Pullmann Hotel Köln
Wed, 18.11.2009, Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg
Thu, 26.11.2009, Novotel München Messe

Galileo publishes the „Linux Handbuch“ as free available OpenBook.

German: Microsoft publishes the eBook „Windows 7 – Auf einen Blick“ for free (since 31.10.2009). A free chapter is directly available, for the whole book you have to register.

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8. September 2009

DE: Screencast-Serie zur Windows 7-Kompabilität
How to install Win7 as VHD-Boot, create a PE-Boot DVD, .NET, Win7 API, …

EasyWeb4J: Java-Webanwendungen à la Ruby-on-Rails

DE: Video-Vorschau auf JDK 7

C# 3.0 – Pocket Reference; 230 pages C# knowledge

How to Secure a Web Server with Solaris 10

DE: SoftwareArchitekTOUR – Podcast. Nice episode about Cloud Computing

Microsoft Patterns & Practices publishes a new series about developing acceptance tests.