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ApacheCon EU 2009: what is interesting for me …

28. Januar 2009

ApacheCon EU 2009 will be from 23 to 27 March 2009 in Amsterdam. Since the scheduler is open I could have a look and there are some interesting talks:

And of course, Hackathon, meeting people … and I should create a PGP key for the key-signing-event …

But sadly I dont know if I would be there 😦


xAMP @ Mobile

10. Dezember 2007

Hooray – there will be an AMP-Stack for mobiles 😉

As Golem announced Nokia works on a port of Apache, MySQL and PHP for Symbian S60 operating system.

Mmmh … what could you do with this? A SVN-Server with access over that Apache? A PHP based project wiki and bug tracking? Then just lay your mobile on your desk and you could connect to that „project server“ via bluetooth …

IT-News 2007.10.10

10. Oktober 2007

PHP-Videotutorials for Webdesigners

(English) Article: Concurrency Testing in Java Applications

Create Web services in two clicks thanks to Apache CXF and AOP
This sounds really cool – enhancing existing classes with webservice capability by using AOP. But I could also think about another aproach: deploy a POJO into a container and just describe which methods should be opened … mmh, sounds like Java6 with the information of the annotions in an extra file … But I think document centric development would be better because of interoperability with other languages.

Eclipse ETranslator
Nice – a plugin which translates I18N resource files into other languages … but you (or better a native speaker) should check the results – I dont trust automatic translations …