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Extend Windows-Search in Windows 7

13. August 2010

I wanted to search for a string in Java properties files. I knew that there was one entry – somewhere deep in the codebase … But the search from Win7 didnt find it.

Sounds familiar? So read further …

I remembered that the search works only on particular files (doc, ppt …) and my properties files are not in that list. 😦
So I wanted to tune the search:

Open the system configuration via the start menu and type „search“ into the search field. You should find the „index options“ somewhere.

Press the „Advanced“ button (translated from the German „Erweitert“) and swith to the second „file types“ tab.

Here you can add additional file types by their suffix and specify their index option (only file information, file content).

Reindexing needs time …. but I hope after this I will be able to find my file 😉