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Ant: Use optional dependencies in JavaDoc

19. November 2009

If you create your Javadocs you sometimes get unresolved reference warnings: package xy does not exist or cannot find symbol

If you define the path with these dependencies outside of the target you could reference that path using the classpathref attribute.

But if the path definition is done in an other target and you don’t want to have a dependency on that (e.g. many dependencies are downloaded there, e.g. using Ivy), using the classpathref would throw a BuildException because the path is not defined: Reference my-path.reference not found.

You could do a little hack: use a classpath attribute and use a special PropertyEvaluator for using that path: classpathref=“${toString:my-path.reference}“. If your defining target is executed before, the toString: resolves that into a usable path-string. If the target is not executed before, the resulting string toString:my-path.reference is just ignored by the javadoc task.