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Links for 2009-02-20

20. Februar 2009 announces the availability of SharpDevelop 3. New features and improvements are in F#, FormsDesigner, Boo, XML-documentation and translation.

Microsoft Press published a free eBook about virtualization. Main topics are

  • server virtualization with Hyper-V
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • application virtualization with App-V
  • presentation virtualization with terminal services solicts the Free M4a to MP3 Converter.  It converts AAC- and MPEG-4-files into MP3- or WAV-files.

If you want to work with PDF files – I mean dividing one PDF into several files and things like that – I got a recommendation for pdfrecycle. „What is pdfrecycle? pdfrecycle creates a PDF file by composing pages from other PDF files. It lets you define PDF bookmarks, scale and rotate pages, put multiple logical pages onto each physical sheet and add metadata. pdfrecycle uses a simple text file format to define the layout and what pages to include. From this input file pdfrecycle creates a LaTeX file and then runs pdflatex to produced the PDF file.“

If you start evaluating an IDE for PHP development, these links could be interesting: an article at SmashingMagazine and a spreadsheet@Google. Evaluated are PDT 1, PDT 2.0, Zend Studio 6, NetBeans 6.5, NetBeans 7 (Development-Version), Aptana PHP, Aptana Studio Pro, Codelobster, Nusphere PhpED 5.6 – IDEs (Integrated Development Environment).

CreateOrDie found a listing of 25 generators for use of building websites or parts of websites: 3D-boxes, preloaders, buttons, …

If you want to teach or learn SQL-Joins this article at CodeProject is worth reading. It shows a nice graphical overview of different SQL commands. announced a webcast about software tests in Visual Studio. It is presented by MSDN and includes integration of Team Foundation Server. gives the eBook „Webseiten professionell erstellen“ by Stefan Münz for free. 1200 pages about basics and expert knowledge of static and dynamic web development. It covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Also Web 2.0, AJAX and RSS. Setting up the environment with Apache and Linux. The current version 3 is available in your bookstores, the 2nd version here for free. has a nice article about using the Wii remote control for converting a simple wall to a whiteboard. (Sorry, article in German. Maybe there are links to English resources.)

Golem found the announcement of the Fraunhofer Institute about a „conference system for your living room“. They have a booth at Cebit 2009 – hall 13, booth B24. The running system should be presented inside the EU-project „Together Anywhere, Together Anytime“ (TA2) at IFA 2009.

A blog at Technet offers a free e-course about virtualization.