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Links for 2009-01-26

26. Januar 2009

DesignGenie publishes a free paper about Screen Design Patterns.

GetVirtualNow publishes a free eBook about Microsoft Virtualisation.

JavaEE 6 has reached Public Review Draft status – which contains a „Web profile“. (I’ll see what that is …)

„Next“ Version of VNC could contain a subcomponent so that multipe input devices are supported. According to a German announcement at Golem a developer patched VNC-Server Vino so that it uses Multipointer X-Server MPX. More details and a demo video are on Chris Balls blog.

WebBeans are dead – long live WebBeans… : According to a blog WebBeans are renamed to Java Contexts and Dependency Injection, because it better reflects the content – WebBeans shouldnt be a new component model.