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Links for 2009-01-28

28. Januar 2009

I read a blog about „How to log“ which refers to the logging checklist. If you want to get benefit from your logs, you should have a look at them.

According to Testticker.DE and Microsoft gives software to students for free.

Another blog gave me the link to Java To C# Orange Book, which I’ll read in the future. But there are other interesting links für C# friends.

If you dont know whether to use a software version system because you are developing for your own, have a look at this. The author gives multiple reasons for using a VC.

On there is a nice overview of free available galleries. I think I will use one for my site.

Jetty is now under the hood of Eclipse and I think it will benefit from that. (Is Jetty serving Eclipse helpfiles at the moment?)

Another tool worth looking at is APrompt which checks a website for accessibility. (Screen reader, colors etc…)