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Vista looses monitor settings … (no more)

27. Januar 2009

I have two notebooks (Dell Lattitude D510 + Acer Aspire 5920G) connected via KMV-switch conntected to a 28″ monitor. It is nice to switch between the two notebooks. But while switching to the Dell (with WinXP) works fine, switching to the Acer is a pain: Vista always looses the monitor settings. The external monitor should work on 1920×1680 pixel resolution, should be the main monitor and is left from the notebook. And these settings are lost (1280er resolution, 2nd monitor, right from the notebook). Redoing these settings is always a seven step work. Ok when doing once a day. But always when switching? Brrrr … I thought for a long time that this „Vista bug“ should be fixed via Windows Update, but no update fixed that …

So I read different posts, but the best (which works on my my machine) was updating the graphics driver (on Microsoft TechNet Forum „Vista forgets display settings?“ – answer from 26.August 2007 11:19:46 by Andreas Stenhall. (Havent found a Permlink, sorry))

I recommend doing a restore point before installing the new driver.

Check what graphic card is built into your computer, download the driver and install that.

After that – it works with my settings 😉