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Google Summer of Code 2008

4. April 2008

Cool – some years ago I got the idea that refactoring support for Ant buildfiles would be nice and opened a feature request on Eclipse. Now (three years later) this (maybe) could be done in a GSoC project because now it is proposed by the Eclipse team.

Eclipse Spaces

11. März 2008

Henrik Lindberg writes in his blog about Eclipse Spaces, which provides the ability to publish the current workspace as update site. With that you could easily provide tutorials or blogs. Sounds very interesting … I dont know if required plugins would also be published. So you could e.g. create an
XText editor and publish that example. But with all happiness of easily publishing – don’t forget to think about the licenses of the parts you publish …

MyEclipse 5.1 & Matisse

11. Dezember 2006

I posted earlier that MyEclipse just arrived on time (for me). But without Matisse4MyEclipse …. you have to download it for your own. They cant include Matisse for legal reasons.