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Links for 2010-11-08

8. November 2010

TecChannel had a (German) article about one of my favorite tools: Launchy – a program for starting applications or opening web pages …


If you are a PHP programmer and interested in CakePHP, CakeFest was a conference for you. Not attended? There are slides online:

And according to Entwickler.COM the conference should be held in 2011 too…


If you are a Java programmer unit tests are a standard. Therefore mocking is also a discipline you know. If you are interested in the mock library Mockito, the DZone article „5 minute Mockito“ is worth reading.



Links for 2010-07-20

20. Juli 2010

According to Entwickler.COM Microsoft has published a free ebook about „Cloud Computing“ by Bob Muglia.

On Wakaleo the development of an open source book about Hudson: „Continuous Integration with Hudson„. First chapters are online …

Golem.DE has found a free German video workshop about Gimp 2.6.

On DZone Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi introduced his new startup, InfraDNA, which provides support and consulting for the Hudson Continuous Integration system.

Again on DZone there is a nice introduction into HtmlUnit. It provides a Java based WebClient which you can control via its API. With this you could write JUnit tests. But more easily you could write them with the additional assert-Methods:

public void testGoogle(){
 WebClient webClient = new WebClient();
 HtmlPage currentPage = webClient.getPage("");
 assertEquals("Google", currentPage.getTitleText());
@Test public void htmlunitAsserts() {
 // Load a page

 // JUnit asserts and WebClient API

 // HtmlUnit asserts
 WebAssert.assertTextPresent(currentPage, "htmlunit");
 WebAssert.assertTitleContains(currentPage, "htmlunit");
 WebAssert.assertLinkPresentWithText(currentPage, "Advanced search");

 // XPath Query
 assertTrue(currentPage.getByXPath("//h3").size()>0); //result number

 // Cookies

According to Entwickler.COM Microsoft has published a bunch of Powerpoint-Templates for demonstrating the new features of PPT 2010.

If you ask yourself what Darth Vader and Yoda are doing after making the movies with George Lucas, GolemDE has found the answer: they are creating TomToms next voices … 😉

If you are updating to Java 1.6_21 and having problems with Eclipse, have a look at this blog entry: it show how to tune the JVM settings …

Also if you write JPA applications you should have a good test suite. So looking at the blog „Patterns for Better Unit Testing with JPA“ is not waste of time 😉

Ant: 2nd article

9. April 2010

My 2nd (German) article about Ant is online. Here I write about subprojects and sandbox experiments like Ivy, props, autoconf, parallel executor, …

Links for 2009-11-13

13. November 2009

Today I found two tools for testing: Byteman and YouDebug.

While I haven’t have a deeper look at Byteman I realized that YouDebug is writte by Kohsuke Kawaguchi. And it is very funny to recognizing him after Args4J and Hudson with another project. The world is small and you’ll see another every twice … or more 😉

Links for 2009-10-30

30. Oktober 2009

77 Windows 7-Tips by Jeffrey Hick, Don Jones, Pav Cherny, J. Peter Bruzzese and Bill Boswell.

Webcast zur Windows Power Shell 2.0 by Holger Schwichtenberg. In this first of three episodes he talks about Commandlets, Pipelining, direct use of .NET- and WMI-Classes and remote access.

Java: If you want to have the diff between two lists (Arrays.asList(„a“, „b“, „c“) vs. Arrays.asList(„a“, „c“, „d“)), then you should have a look at this blog entry.

Microsoft Press publishes a new eBook „Deploying Windows 7“ for free. It is an introduction by the authors from Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine.

🙂 If you are interested in Darth Vaders daily routine … here are some pictures.

DE: Webcast: NET for JEE-Developer – In this first of six episodes Golo Roden shows „From Java to C#“

With „Mastering PowerShell“ there is another free eBook available. Content: The PowerShell Console, Interaktive PowerShell, Varables, Arrays and Hashtables, The PowerShell Pipeline.

Links for 2009-10-19

19. Oktober 2009

Microsoft has announced two analysis tools for security wholes: BinScope Binary Analyzer and MiniFuzz File Fizzer. The first one checks for forgotten security flags and the second checks against flow patten.

There is a nice paper about risks in cloud computing:

  • Stalking in Amazon’s EC2
  • Sidechannel Attacks
  • Data Leakage through CPU Caches

If you are in N.Y. or Toronto and interesting in modeling, the Eclipse Modeling Days could be interesting for you.

German: event series about server virtualization.
Thu, 12.11.2009, Pullmann Hotel Köln
Wed, 18.11.2009, Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg
Thu, 26.11.2009, Novotel München Messe

Galileo publishes the „Linux Handbuch“ as free available OpenBook.

German: Microsoft publishes the eBook „Windows 7 – Auf einen Blick“ for free (since 31.10.2009). A free chapter is directly available, for the whole book you have to register.

Links for 2009-08-21

21. August 2009

With Blende 8 Galileo Deisgn presents a video podcast about fotographing. New episodes will be available all 14 days.

VMWare provides several free information events about vSphere 4 in Germany, Austria an Switzerland from 26.August till 29.October.

Galileo Computing created a video training about VMWare vSphere4 – 83 lessons and 10 hours.

I also found a blog about a question someone was interested in too: Why is that action not available?

According to that roadmap MS Windows 8 is intended for 2012 with cluster support, one-way-replication, inproved file handling …

Denoise My Image is a free tool for improving the picture quality.

My favorit: Launchy is a free small app for starting programs, documents, urls … with just a jew keystroke.

Oracle provides free ebooks about SOA (after a registration). Content is

  • Grid Enabled Architecture: Move to Modern Service Oriented, Grid Enabled Architecture
  • Business Process Management: Achieve Business Flexibility through Oracle BPM
  • Business Activity Monitoring: Stay Agile Responding to Changes in Real-time
  • Data Integration: Integrate Data at High Performance and with High Productivity
  • Application Integration Architecture: Accelerate Application Integrations
  • History: Service-Oriented Architecture Milestones
  • Case Studies: Comprehensive, Preintegrated, Hot-Pluggable Middleware

On 24./25.November there is the ix-Day – this time about Cobol. CfP ends on 28.September.

A nice toy (maybe a tool also). Draganfly is a quadcopter which transports and controlls a photocamera or videocamera. So you can take your own pictures from the air.

The VCC team at is pleased to announce our first bleeding edge pre-alpha release of the Virtual Computer Control API (version 0.0.3) and associated implementations (version 0.0.3) and plugins (version 0.0.1). The Virtual Computer Control API is designed to be a virtualization platform agnostic API for controlling (Ant, Maven, Hudson) virtual computers (VMWare ESX, VMWare Workstation, Xen, KVM, QUEMU, libvirt, VirtualBox, AmazonEC2, xVM): list, start, suspend, stop and pause a virtual computer, take a snapshot or revert to a snapshot, clone a virtual computer, query their network settings.

There is a free ebook how to install Windows 7.

RMBench Relational Modeller is designed to be a one-stop Eclipse-integrated solution for grapically modelling relational databases. But sadly there arent any screenshots online. So you have to compile and install it for yourself.

JSR-294 Jigsaw & OSGi – maybe somewhere in the middle? Peter Kriens, BJ Hargrave and Richard Hall suggested a new approach for the moludarization in Java – not as complex as OSGi and Jigsaw, but compliant to the OSGi specs.

Microsoft Research publishes Code Contracts. Speaking with Java terms (sorry I dont write .NET code) the basic concept is a validator class which takes several closures. Then you could validate your object/parameters:

static private int TraditionalValidation(int Input1, string Input2, List Input3)
Contract.Requires(0 <= Input1 && Input1 <= 100); Contract.Requires(Input2.Length > 5);
Contract.Ensures(Contract.Result() >= 0);


When I read that two things poped up in my mind: the Notification Pattern and the validator for Ant tasks.

PHPUnit 3.4 is a stop before release.

Cloudera announces Hadoop World: NYC 2009.

Links for 2009-08-05

5. August 2009

CatsWhoCode lists 15 regexps for PHP developers:

  1. Validate domain name
  2. Enlight a word from a text
  3. Enlight search results in your WordPress blog
  4. Get all images from a HTML document
  5. Remove repeated words (case insensitive)
  6. Remove repeated punctuation
  7. Matching a XML/HTML tag
  8. Matching an XHTML/XML tag with a certain attribute value
  9. Matching hexadecimal color values
  10. Find page title
  11. Parsing Apache logs
  12. Replacing double quotes by smart qutotes
  13. Checking password complexity
  14. WordPress: Using regexp to retrieve images from post
  15. Generating automatic smileys

On 4.September there is a Symfony Day in Cologne, Germany. This one day conference about the PHP framework will be helt in English.

Joel Reyes from NoUpe wrote about PHP frameworks. After in introduction he compares

Stefan Priebsch publishes his slides from his webinar „Migration to PHP 5.3“.

Microsoft publishes an eBook about virtualization for free. The title „Understanding Microsoft Virtualization Solutions“.

Links for 2009-05-06

6. Mai 2009

On Chip.DE I read an announcement of LicenseCrawler. It is a tool which scans your program for license information, so you could backup these more easily.

On CreateOrDie there is a list of 15 free available eBooks about web design.

Heise.DE provides a new podcast about software architecture. Havent listened to it yet, but could be in German.

According to Golem.DE Windows 7 comes with a built in VM for WindowsXP – a nice way for having BWC 😉

I read an interesting announcement on OpenXava generates GUIs from JPA entities if they are marked with a few annotations more.

I also found a list of free java decompilers.

SE-Radio episode 133 was about Continuous Integration. It was very interesting …

It seems that JBoss provides with Tattletale an interesting tool for analyzing jar dependencies – including their version.

For PHP developers: the Zend framework 1.8.0 is released.

According to Win7 and its virtual XP: there is also a nice blog (German) which shows the use of its via two parallel running Outlooks of different version.

The German part Northrhine Westfalia (NRW) provides a ring tone (not sure about this term, in German it is „Klingelton“): it is a pop version of Beethovens 9th symphony – the theme used as Europe theme. It is a ‚commercial‘ for the next election.

ZDNet.DE provides a link to a webcast by Microsoft: „10 Cool Things to Do With the Powershell“. The link is online. Content:
This webcast shows some of the neat things programmers can do with PowerShell with regards to server administration. There are 10 demos one can run through ranging from simple queries for services to enumerating information in Active Directory. Some of the scripts use lists of computers, some prompt for a computername. Each script shows a different thing programmers can do with PowerShell to quickly create administration scripts.

According to Entwickler.COM SpringSource and Google prepare a JSR for an annotation for DI.

Are you a .NET developer? Maybe this list of 10 open source tools is for you.

Links for 2009-03-05

5. März 2009

There is a comparison of different RIA frameworks like GWR, Laszlo, Flex…

If you work with XPath, the XPath Workbook could be something for you. It is an Eclipse plugin for writing XPath constructs.

Galileo presents the free available OpenBook about Visual Basic 2008 (in German). It covers the Visual Studio IDE, the .NET framework, Visual Basic syntax and its OO concepts, WinForms, WPF and ADO.NET.

If you are developing web applications, CreateOrDie covers seven tools for cross-browser compatibility.

Software Engeneering Radios recent episode is about user interface design.