Hudson: Overview of the suggestd timeout settings

In my last post I explained why and how to check the timeout settings for Hudson jobs.

On our mailinglist for Hudson users at Apache there was a suggestion to get an overview of (computed) suggested timeout settings.

So here is the follow up to my earlier code …

hudsonInstance = hudson.model.Hudson.instance</pre>
allItems = hudsonInstance.items
activeJobs = allItems.findAll{job -> job.isBuildable()}
wrappableJobs = activeJobs.findAll{job -> job instanceof hudson.model.BuildableItemWithBuildWrappers}

jobsWithoutTimeout = wrappableJobs.findAll { job ->
 job.getBuildWrappersList().findAll{it instanceof hudson.plugins.build_timeout.BuildTimeoutWrapper }[0] == null

println "Suggested timeout values for jobs without any ($jobsWithoutTimeout.size in total):"
jobsWithoutTimeout.each { job ->
 defaultTimeout = Math.round(job.estimatedDuration * 2 / 1000 / 60)
 if (defaultTimeout < 10) defaultTimeout = 10
 String s = defaultTimeout
 s = s.padLeft(4)
 println "$s | $"

x = ""

The new stuff is only the creation in the last few lines. Nothing special – apart from the conversion from Long to String for getting padLeft() work 😉

The result is a „table“ like this:

Suggestion of Timeout values per Job

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