Hot to get GPS location data for a given adress?

I wanted to update my Apache FOAF-file. Especially I wanted to add geo data <foaf:based_near><geo:Point>. But where to get that information? From Google Maps? I havent found any „Get GPS“ button so I had to search … and found a short article. Basically it is easy: the location is stored in the ll-Parameter of the URL 😉

So open Google Maps, enter the adress and have a look at the „Link“ on the right of the map. The ll-Parameter of that URL contains the GPS data in „latitude,longitude“ format. So the first part would be inside <geo:lat> and the second in <geo:long>.

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2 Kommentare - “Hot to get GPS location data for a given adress?”

  1. SteveL Says:

    You need to know the datum too. Is it WGS-84 Lat/Long, or something else? And is your GPS receiver in sync. Test it by comparing where you are with where maps thinks you are

  2. This way is more simple:
    Go to
    and enter the place you are looking for into the address-field
    (or zoom out, move the map to your place and zoom in again)
    or add the place to the link, i.e.

    Then, whenever you leftclick into the map, the coordinates appear in the field at the bottom of the map.
    Mark them and copy them with ctrl-C.
    So you can easily find exact coordinates.

    Have fun,

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