Ikea? No more!!

Last week I was searching for furniture for my new home office, so I visited Ikea. My first visit. I don’t have anything against a „guided tour“ through a shop, but if you are forced to use that, through the whole shop, I become very angry. After some curves I thought I would let my goods in the shop – if I had found some … I just wanted to get out of that jail. So my conclusion: NO MORE IKEA ANY MORE!!!

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2 Kommentare - “Ikea? No more!!”

  1. Steve Loughran Says:

    heh, didnt you see my criticism of it last month. there is no way out of ikea. and when you think you have made it out, and you get home, you find you have two hinges less than you need, and have to go back…

  2. janmaterne Says:

    Oh yeah – no, sorry. I must miss that (http://www.1060.org/blogxter/entry?publicid=12280372FACDC2B7CEFC862B9357798F&token=) But I was on holiday and couldnt read all my standard blogs 😉

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