MS Vista

I need an operating system that manages all my hardware resources. Not one that consumes all of them …

End of last year I got an offer. Vista Ultimate and Office Enterprise (or how the big one is named) for very very little money. Last week I got the DVDs and tried to install them onto my laptop. (It’s a four years old Medion 5400 with 2.6GHz P4 and 1GB RAM – worked fine with XPPro.) I needed 10 attempts for installation – the laptop always freezed … puh, then I had Vista installed. Ok. Just try the context menu – waiting …. waiting …. waiting …. after 3 seconds I got the context menu … I loosed my interests in Vista for that day.

I am not sure, but I think Vista becames faster … Not really fast, but faster than before (on my machine).

So I tried to install Office. After the third time freezing, I got up.

I think I`ll use XP again …

BTW – Vista also does not know my audio hardware …

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