Quit the mobile contract at the beginning …

Four years ago I signed a contract about my mobile phone. I bought a mobile (Sony Ericcson T610, nice). After two years I could update the contract for two more years and get a new mobile. But I didn’t need a new mobile – I was happy with my one. And I wanted to be free to change to another supplier.

In April I got a SMS – „you could get a new phone, if you update…“. I didn’t need a new one …

The validity of my contract was automatically extended until September 2007. Now I need a new mobile phone and could not get one for my past two years. They would give me only one for the next two years …

So I learned: Terminate the agreement directly when you signed it. The validity is two years (in Germany) and you dont loose any gifts … Terminate the agreement so that you convert it into a prepaid card, so you are available after the two years.

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