Firefox PlugIns

There are some plugins for Firefox I would to recommend:

  • Web Developer Extension: If you write html pages and want to have an overview about your pages. WDE will help you …
  • DownThemAll: With this plugin it is very easy to download multiple link targets at once. E.g. if you have a page with a TOC linking to several PDFs, just start DTA, choose the PDF-Filter and select „download all“
  • ScreenGrab: If you want to get a screenshot of a webpage, but that does not fit into the browser, ScreenGrab is your friend. It captures the pictures and does the scrolling. At the end it combines all the parts so that you’ll get one image.
  • Aardvark: Oh, this is really my favorite …. With Aardvark you could manipulate the loaded DOM of the webpage. Deleting banners? Removing Flash? Isolating a DIV-Element? Just do it with Aardvark.
  • MeasureIt: If you need the color-code of an element, use this.
  • Lynx viewer: Is your webpage accessible? For a quick view you could see your page like a text browser (Lynx) would render it.
  • DOM Inspector: See the DOM structure of your page.
  • Noia 2.0 (eXtreme): Not functional … but I like that theme …

Extension I heard from and which seem to be cool:

  • FireBug: A tool for web designer helping with findig bugs in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Performance measure (load time) and more.
  • Long Titles: If you have more information in a tooltip than one line – you’ll need this plugin.
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2 Kommentare - “Firefox PlugIns”

  1. d Says:

    What about Firebug? I’ve found it very useful and a great time saver.

  2. janmaterne Says:

    Did not know Firebug, but that sound’s good. I’ll add a note to the posting.

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